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Tiffy the Yorkie Watches Puppy Bowl VII and Barks About CB Being Named 2011 Most Valuable Puppy.

In 2011 Most Valuable Puppy on February 7, 2011 at 7:20 am

Go Lindy!

I had lots of fun watching this year’s Puppy Bowl and rooting for my fellow canines.  They were really woofing it up on the field!  The puppies had some great plays this year even though a few times there was some unnecessary “Ruff Ruffness”  or “Unpuppylike Conduct”, as the referee calls it.

I snapped this photo during the game...Very unpuppylike! Puppy Penalty?

I was rooting for Lindy the Brittany Spaniel Schnauzer mix from All Star Pet Rescue to be voted Most Valuable Puppy and voted for her a number of times during the Kitty Half-Time show.  It was a close game and there were lots of touchdowns.  It was amazing to watch those puppies go!


Seriously.... Chicken Cheerleaders! What's next?? Turtle Tailgaters?

Click on the link below to check out some of the game time action!

It was a thrilling game, and although we had our paws crossed for Lindy, it was CB the cute Shih Tzu-Beagle mix from Underdogs, who was named 2011 Most Valuable Puppy in Puppy Bowl VII.  They called him “The fastest on four legs”!  He certainly could run!

Congratulations CB!  You played a great game!!

  1. I was woofing for Lindy too

  2. We watched the Superbowl with Mom. Great game! Mom fed us some hotdog nuggets. Not like pigs in blankets but pretty good. There was some ruffness.

    Katie & H.T.

  3. I love the difference in Tiffy’s ears the last two photos. She was really into the Puppy Bowl!

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