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Tiffy the Yorkie Finds Ways to Escape the Heat

In Summer 2013 on July 18, 2013 at 6:24 am


It’s been a while since this dog had a chance to blog, however I have enjoyed keeping up with the latest news from my blogging buddies.  As for me, I have been spending my days lately relaxing and staying out of the heat.  It has been well over 90 degrees for weeks now and even my daily walks around the neighborhood have been suspended for a while.  Wondering what to do to keep myself occupied during the heatwave, I started to consider my options…

Perhaps I could play ball, “always a favorite of mine”🙂


No too hot…

Next I considered a swim in the pool, what could be better on a hot day!


Great idea, however this dog really doesn’t like to get wet.  And then I came up with the best idea yet, it didn’t involve running around or getting wet, and I would definitely be Cool!  I decided to find my most stylish pair of sunglasses and float in the pool on a raft.


I’m definitely one “Cool” dog :)  Hope you are enjoying the summer.

Your friend,

Tiffy the Yorkie

Tiffy the Yorkie’s Funny Friday Foto (Photo) :) “Wild Curler Dog Escapes Salon!”

In Funny faces on November 16, 2012 at 12:56 pm

We thought that everyone could use a good laugh on Friday so Tiffy allowed me to share her “Wild Curler Dog” photo with all of you.

Curler Dog


Have a great weekend🙂







Tiffy the Yorkie Barks About the Wonderful Organic Hair Care Products from Yorkie Splash and Shine!

In Hair Care Products, Product Testing on November 9, 2012 at 5:44 am

I love my new hair products!

I want to share with my blogging buddies the new organic hair products I had the opportunity to try.  Lately, I had been wondering if I could achieve the same fresh and shiny look that I get at the canine salon at home.  Well, fortunately for me a company called  Yorkie Splash & Shine sent me a message asking if I would be interested in trying their products.  Of course I wanted too!  And since Mom wasn’t home at the time, I answered the email myself and then waited patiently for my samples to arrive in the mail.

Dear Yorkie Splash & Shine I would love to try your products.
Tiffy the Yorkie

I was so excited the day my package arrived in the mail!   I couldn’t wait to try it all!  I jumped right into the sink, curlers and all!  “Let’s get started mom!!”

First, we opened the shampoo, it smelled sweet and heavenly.

Come on Mom!! I can’t wait any longer!!

Next, I had to get wet.  Now, I’m not a big fan of getting wet, but it was necessary just the same.  Then we applied the conditioner to make my hair silky, smooth and shiny.  A quick rinse and I was out of the sink.

Time for a rinse.

When I got out of the sink, my hair was sprayed with the Yorkie Sheen Detangler/Finishing spray.  What we noticed right away was how this product made it so easy to comb through my hair.

I had never used a detangler before and this one worked very well🙂  Looks like it’s time to dry off.

Time for the detangle r and finishing spray!!

On to the blowdrying.  This is how I am able to achieve that “fluffy puppy” windblown look that is “all the rage” with us dogs right now.🙂

Time to blow dry…

Check out the results.  Presenting the sweet smelling, shiny and perfectly coiffed “Tiffy the Yorkie”……. Voila!

I just love my shiny, sweet smelling coat! I feel like one of those runway Yorkies I see on T.V.

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to sample the wonderful hair products from Yorkie Splash & Shine.  I absolutely love my shiny, sweet smelling coat.  I really enjoyed using the detangler/finishing spray because it made it very easy for mom to comb through my hair. These wonderful, all natural, organic products are not just for Yorkies and are available at their website.  Check it out.

Tiffy, your hair smells great. What have you been using?